Indoo Seth is a literary fiction writer and a member of the Central Board of Film Certification. She seamlessly grafts emotions into the pieces of reality to represent truth. As an avid observer, Indoo effortlessly fuse a myriad of fictional genres with contemporary challenges to pendown captivating stories.

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Love Laws & Outlaws

Love Laws & Outlaws tells a story of a young couple who overcome the trials and tribulations thrown at them by society, to hold on to the one thing that matters to them more than their lives- the love they hold for each other. Vikram, a doctor, and Radha, a lawyer, hail from Haryana. However, destiny deploys them into each other's lives in Bangalore and they fall irrevocably in love. Destiny willed them together, not society. Facing the disapproval of both sets of parents and their respective communities, the young couple fights their way through thick and thin, braving loss on all fronts. They do all that they can, to win their place in the world they grew up in.

It is not only a beautiful love story, but also a thought-provoking fictional piece of work. The book will show us the double standard of our society, which we are often afraid to talk about. It raises hard questions on barbarous, irrational and outdated social fabric of ‘KhapPanchayats’ which still prevails in many parts of India.

Will Radha and Vikram succeed? Will destiny let them live happily ever after or will society tear them apart? Only the tale can tell.

Indoo Seth

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Emotional Hostage

Emotional hostage is a testament to the strength of a woman and her exertion to find her existence through a transition. Simran is a recent divorcee, a mother and a businesswoman, trying to piece her life together by analyzing her broken marriage. It is when life throws at her another predicament when she meets Rahul, a much-married man. Both are instantly drawn to each other, and embark on a whirlwind romance across pre-defined boundaries.

It is a story of two adults struggling to find a balance between emotional happiness and societal laws. Both Rahul and Simran are trying to negotiate their freedom- former, from a loveless marriage and latter, from life’s lost Poise.

Indoo Seth makes her inroads into the world of writing with her flawless narration in this book. All the dilemmas of love’s complexities and complicated relationships are beautifully brought to the fore by presenting a panoramic view of feelings and beliefs of all the characters.

Is it justified to become a hostage of your emotions? Perhaps not. But sometimes, for transformation to manifest. One does plead on unconventional part. Emotional Hostage is a moving tale of an usual bond between two people who consciously decide to step out of their unusual lives.

Indoo Seth

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