Indoo Seth is a literary fiction writer and a member of Central Board of Film Certification. She seamlessly grafts emotions into the pieces of reality to represent the truth. As an avid observer, Indoo effortlessly fuses a myriad of fictional genres with contemporary challenges to pendown captivating stories. Having already authored two successful books, her third book depicting the lives of slum dwellers is soon to be published. She believes- No matter how twisted our reality is, it is here to stay.

Indoo is not afraid to blatantly talk about social evils which plague our society, especially the injustice hailed upon women and girls in India. Having been a member of BJP for more than a decade and an executive member of Delhi state, it’s her endeavor to contribute to ‘BetiBachao, BetiPadhao’ campaign.

You can find her reading on a parkbench, going for long walks, doing yoga, travelling round the world, or just being around her family, whenever she needs to clear her head. Indoo carries India in her veins and has a special love for Indian art and singing. She can speak as many as four Indian languages.

Educated from The American College of London, she has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and targeted markets across Asia and Europe. She now wants to work towards giving back to society and making a meaningful impact in local communities.

Author's inspiration


I consider my frustration towards social injustice in India a great motivator. In my journey towards self-independence, I have seen precarious situations experienced by thousands of women in India. I consider my writings a double edged sword, aimed to target the injustice hailed upon the under-privileged and a mode to help them come out of this vicious cycle.


Inspiration is as little as a cat. No matter how much you call her, it will come to you only when she decides to. Inspiration comes to me via my observation. Source can be anything from a movie to a picture. The writing bird in me is always on a lookout for connectible and swashbuckling stories.


Rashmi Arora

“I am a big fan of her writings. Both her books are beautifully crafted by taking pointers from our daily lives. She has a unique capability of telling our lives in a never told before perspective. I am eagerly looking forward to her third book.”

Imisha Sharma

“Variety, novelty and innovation, highlight Indoo’s fictional work in ‘Emotional Hostage’. The insights given in this book are a must-read for all married, to-be married and in-relationship women. Very neatly written, it held my attention all throughout. There is no doubt that this book does a good job of telling the truth of the lives we are living.”

Deepankar Sakuja

“Can two highly accomplished and independent lovers fall hostage to the atrocities of KhapPanchayat? ‘Love Laws and Outlaws’ is an awesome story from Indoo as a writer. I absolutely love this book of hers. It has all the flavors which are bound to activate your neurons, from love & romance to the hard-hitting questions raised on the traditions, morality and ethos of the society they grew up in. The story depicts a struggle to find their rightful places between two India(s). A must-read for all.”